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  • Jay / Neon

  • 26 (May 11th)

  • They/Them

  • Agender Transmasc

  • Aromantic Asexual

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  • Raccoon enthusiast

  • OC Parent

  • Swatchton Enjoyer

  • Aurelion Sol Main

🌸 My OC Wiki 🌸

Heyo! My name is Jay and I'm a Digital Artist from Portugal with an affinity for Character Design and Storytelling!I'm kind of shy but fairly easy-going and generally just lost in my own little world, so you're always welcome to reach out and chat :)While my main fandoms at the moment are Deltarune and League of Legends, I do occasionally tweet about other fandoms such as NiGHTS and Balan Wonderworld!Also, I'm an adult, and although I don't mind if minors follow or see my posts, I do prefer to keep a certain distance and boundaries when we're interacting! :)Thank you for visiting! 🌸


I don't mind a lot of things and I try to keep it civil, but I do want to set some boundaries for how or what kind of people interact with me.This is also a list of some general stuff to expect when you follow me haha


  • I don't usually tag my interests so it's best if you mute words or accounts related to them if you don't want to see posts about it.

  • I'm an adult and will sometimes interact with NSFW accounts. While I will not retweet or post explicit NSFW content to my main account, I may reply to NSFW accounts or like SFW content that just so happens to come from accounts like that, so be warned.

  • I don't normally use tone indicators (I'm more prone to use emojis lol), but if you need me to use them when interacting with you, then please do let me know so I can accommodate that!

  • I try to keep my accounts as drama-free as possible, and I'm not looking to pick a fight with anyone. However, there have been times when my posts/retweets have come across as more aggressive than intended. If you find a problem with something I said, please feel free to contact me! It's never my intention to upset people.

  • If we're mutuals and you're over 18 years old, you're welcome to follow my locked Twitter! It's @SadcoreTanuki. It used to just be a vent account but nowadays it's place where I share more personal posts, thoughts, and art for a smaller audience. If you want to see me tweet about how much I love cheese pasta, feel free to send a follow request!


  • You fit the usual DNI criteria/have bigotry stances. (Racist, Homophobe, Transphobe, TERF, MAPs/Pedophiles, Anti-Semitic, White Supremacist, Exclusionists, Pro-ship/Pro-fic, all that no-no stuff.)

  • You don't believe in nor respect Non-Binary identities. This includes respecting identities such as xenogenders and neopronoun users.

  • You're an Aphobe or Arophobe and think that Asexual and Aromantic people aren't part of the LGBT+ community. This includes cishet aros and/or aces, and if you disregard them as not being "queer enough", I do not want you here.

  • You participate in "Flag discourse". There are actual real-life problems that the LGBTQ+ community deals with. If you're the kind of person to tell others to harass fellow queers for using the "wrong" flags or labels, I ask that you go away.

  • You like shipping real people. Don't be gross??

  • You create or support NFTs or AI Art.

🌸 FAQ 🌸

"What program do you use for your art?"
Paint Tool SAI 2 is my main program for everything. Occasionally I use Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint to add some extra effects and adjustments, but most of my drawing process is done on SAI 2.
"What drawing tablet to do you use?"
I use a Huion GT-220 V2
"Can I use your art as my profile picture?"
Sure, as long as you don't claim it as your own and credit me :)
"Can I repost your art to my Instagram/Facebook Group/Fanpage?"
I used to allow this, but the reposts got so out of control that I no longer allow them. I do not respect the concept of fan pages that repost other artists' art and I don't wish to contribute to it.
"Even if I credit you???"
That's still a no, sorry.
"Can I use your art in my video/Twitch stream?"
Depends on the art, but if it's my League of Legends fan art then yes AS LONG AS YOU CREDIT ME IN THE DESCRIPTION, with a link to either my Twitter or my DeviantArt.
"Can I add you on Discord?"
Unless we're friends, I'd rather not. My Twitter DMs are open tho! :)
"Do you have a Discord server?"
I actually do! It's very League, art and OC focused, but everyone is super friendly and cool! You're free to join here!
"Can I draw your characters?"
Y E S, if you do, I will love you forever.
"Are you a Furry? What's with the raccoon fursona?"
I get asked this a lot and I honestly never know the answer LOL I think Furries are super cool people!! Though personally, I just like the designs of anthro animals and I love raccoons! :)
It's hard to call myself a Furry since I don't exactly associate with the culture and most of my characters are humanoid in some form but rarely fully anthro animals with the exception of my sona.
I guess I feel like some sort of impostor by using the term for myself?? I have fantasized about getting a fursuit head ngl
So I guess my answer would be "Gestures vaguely ????? I guess??? What are the requirements?"
"I tried to follow you but I'm blocked, what happened?"
I have this terrible habit of blocking a lot of people on sight and I promise that 99% of the time, it's nothing personal LOL I literally block about 10 people every day and proceed to immediately forget about it
I mostly tend to block homophobes or transphobes, proships, discourse accounts, and anyone who just so happened to post a bad take that happened to inconvenience me on a bad day : ^)
Last one aside, if you match any of the ones I mentioned before, then I have some bad news for you.

That being said, you're free to DM me and I'll look into the case.
"What are Drimares?"
Fun fact, the plural for Drimare is Drimare :)
They are my own original species, originally inspired by the Nightmaren from NiGHTS into Dreams franchise. They are Dream Elves that live in a world that exists within the dreams of humans.
"What's with the floating necks and the no noses?"
That's just how they be, bro
"Can I make a Drimare OC?"
100% YES, I want to see them and I will infodump on you if you want any guidelines!



Discord - ne0nbandit

If you feel like messaging me, whether it be to ask about commissions, chat or simply say hi, be my guest :DTwitter DMs on my main account @NE0Nbandit are my preferred way of contact.

🌸 Kins 🌸

I shouldn't, but I did
Poggersss you found my secret kin page
I don't really take kin all too serious and it's mostly just a self-indulgent thing where I have these comfort characters who I relate to a bit too much haha
This might as well be "Characters whose overall aesthetic/personality I really vibe with on a personal level", or alternatively just "Gender envy" list
Or straight-up just "I feel a spiritual connection with this picture of an Enderman plushie"

Good luck trying to guess which of these are ironic

🌸 Artist Alleys 🌸

Below are the list of conventions I'll be tabling on :)
Currently Portuguese cons only

Last Updated - June 10th 2023
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